The Lord Blesses

IMG_3250Proverbs 3:33 – The Lord’s curse is on the house of the wicked, but He blesses the home of the righteous.

Have you ever looked around and watched the life of someone who does not know the Lord; someone who, in fact, scorns the very concept of God? In many ways their life seems to flourish while yours seems to be filled with problems. You know the Lord personally and love Him with all your heart but…life is not easy, is it? In Proverbs, Solomon, the wisest man to have ever live, declares that the wicked have God’s curse on them while He blesses those who love Him, the Righteous.

Somehow, we don’t see that do we? But we need to remember eternity’s coming. Judgment happens when we enter eternity and it will be at that time that those who cursed God will themselves be cursed. Life on earth is but a small piece of time in comparison to the eternal perspective God has for us. God’s breastplate of righteousness does protect us and keeps us in God’s grace here and throughout eternity.

Jinx inhaled deeply, drawing the nicotine from the cigarette he smoked into his lungs. He exhaled slowly, blowing smoke rings into the air causing the woman on his left to giggle. She leaned seductively toward Him. “Jinxy, you do that so well. How long you been smokin’?”

“Since I was a kid. I used to sneak smokes from my mom’s stash when I left for school.” He sucked in another long drag on the cigarette.

“Ain’t you afraid you’ll get cancer? I mean, all the ads say…?”

“Propaganda. That’s all that is. I can quit anytime I want and I can breathe just fine.” He drew in a deep breathe pushing his abdomen all the way out to prove his point. Then he grinned. “See.”

“Yeah, Jinxy, I see but…”

“No buts. Let’s dance.” He pulled her into his arms and the two headed for the crowded dance floor. Jinx may have felt that life was a big party at that time in his life but by the time he was sixty years old, he was living on oxygen, and he was dead from lung cancer before he turned seventy.

Jinx was cursed because he chose to follow the way of the world instead of allowing God to transform him into the person that he was born to be. He seemed to live a charmed life for a long time but eventually that lifestyle caught up to him. For some people they seem to live a charmed life until they die with no hardships…that they will allow anyone to know about anyway.

But eventually, they will have to answer to the God of Creation. We, who choose to spend our life pleasing God, following in His footsteps, will be recognized by Him when we enter the gates of heaven while to the others, the cursed, He will say, “Depart from me. I never knew you.”

Father, thank You for choosing me to be part of Your family, to be part of the Righteous here on earth. I pray for the people who do not know You. May they come face to face with You before it is too late. Help them see their need for Your divine intervention in their lives. Amen.

Do you know someone whose life seems to be a big party, yet they’ve turned their back on God? Pray for them and then be bold. Seek them out and tell them about the pitfalls they are headed for.

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The Lord Sustains

IMG_3190Psalm 55:22 – Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you, He will never let the righteous fall.

Jesus took upon Himself all our sins and died in our place on the cross. Yet we think He does not care enough about us to look after the things that matter to us, the things we insist on worrying about in our humanness instead of turning all of it over to Him. He promises to sustain us, the righteous, so it is important that we remain glued to Him so He will consider us righteous.

Herbie entered the kitchen, turned the light on, and opened the fridge door. He looked to see if anything appealed to him but all he found was some cold meat. A sandwich might help me get some sleep, he thought as he pulled the covered container with the lunch meat out and grabbed a loaf of bread from the freezer compartment.

His mind buzzed with the information that his accountant had relayed to him that day. His income tax bill was going to be a large one. Where would he get that kind of money? He reached for a plate and then slammed it on the table. He cringed. No sense in waking Janet too.

The business had been growing, he knew that. He and the men in his bible study had been praying that things would turn around for over a year now and they had but…he never considered what that would mean in the way of the tax department. Why didn’t his accountant warn him before now? Because he hadn’t given the man any figures to work with…until now. He grunted. How could he be so stupid?

Herbie slapped some mustard on his sandwich, sliced some tomato and reached back into the fridge for the lettuce. Might as well make it a big sandwich, he thought sullenly. It’s going to be a long night.

Just then, a thought popped into his head. His men’s study had met just that morning, before he’d gotten the bad news. They’d talked about how God had grown his business, among other things, and how He cared about even the smallest details. Then…maybe…would God want to hear about these details? Did He already have an answer to this situation too? Maybe…

Herbie thought long and hard as he chewed on the mustard seasoned sandwich. Obviously worry had not solved anything…and eating himself into oblivion was not going to do anything for him except give him an upset stomach…so why not let God provide the answer. After all He knew all about this a long time before I did.

Why do we always think that God provided a way for us to live abundant lives but then just leaves us to hang out there all by ourselves? Don’t we believe that if He died for us, He must care what happens to us…even the smallest details? God loves each one of us who seek to do His will and follow in His footsteps.  He loves even those who ignore Him but for those He calls righteous, we have His added protection. Seek Him. Give over worry that gains you nothing and hand it to the Lord of Lord and the King of Kings.

Father thank You for caring about the smallest details in my life, for loving me so much that You would die for me and then provide answers for living for all the years I have here on earth. Help me seek You first, instead of losing sleep and spending exhausting time with worry. Amen.

Is there something in your life that is consuming your thought life, worrying you into oblivion and yet you’ve not gotten any closer to an answer? Seek the Lord and try Him on for size. See what He has in store for you.

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To Glorify the Father

IMG_3240Psalm 23:3 – He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake

Peace and contentment come only to those who walk with the Lord, in His paths of being set-right-with-God. We see the material things we have as totally sufficient while those who walk in dis-belief strive and thirst for more all the time, never content and certainly not guided by peace.

Christa leaned toward the woman seated on her right. They were going to the mall for a whole day of shopping. Girl-time, just the two of them. “Glenda, are you looking for anything in particular?”

“Naw. I just want some time to wander through the shops. If I see something I just have to buy, I’ll buy it…maybe. But, I really don’t need anything.” The older woman glanced toward her younger friend. “What about you?”

“Oh, I can always find something I want. Usually more than I need but then I love to shop. Some of the people I work with are wearing that new color that came out this spring. I think it would look good on me.” She giggled. “Terry thinks I’m a shopaholic.”

Glenda worried about her friend. Her closets were full of clothes, some she still hadn’t taken the tags off yet. Christa was a collector, never satisfied with what she had but always looking for the latest and the greatest, whatever the other people she knew had. Her husband of one year was getting really concerned for their finances, Glenda knew. He’d shared his concerns with her just last night.

Glenda patted her friend’s hand. “Let’s just enjoy the day. I’m looking forward to lunch at that new restaurant.” Glenda hoped she’d have an opportunity to discuss Christa’s habits over lunch. Lord, she prayed as she looked out the window again, give me the words to say that will make an impression on Christa. Help me to share You with her today.

The two women arrived at the bus stop in front of one of the largest department stores in the mall. They disembarked, strode purposefully toward the entryway and were off, looking in one store and then another. Before they had passed by less than on tenth of the shops, Christa had purchased a few bags full of clothes. Glenda shook her head. “Let’s have lunch before the crowd gets too thick,” she suggested.

Christa was discontented. She had no relationship with Jesus and fed her need of Him with things rather than the Savior Himself. Her excessive shopping could affect her marriage and her budget. Yet, she didn’t recognize the problem. Glenda, a fairly new believer, walked with a new purpose in life and a sense of peace that she didn’t fully understand but knew that was what her friend was lacking. The peace that only God can give, that satisfies the soul, was what she hoped to share with Christa over lunch.

Can you remember when you thought things would satisfy that hunger, that longing for peace, but never knew where to get it? Jesus quenches the soul thirst as nothing else can. People who have absolutely nothing can live a satisfied life with Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Father thank You for giving me peace, contentment and satisfaction in all that You provide. Thank You that You care enough about me to want what is best for me. Praise You Lord for being all that I need or will ever need. Amen.

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He Upholds My Right and My Cause

 IMG_3242Psalm 9:4 – For You have upheld my right and my cause; You have sat on Your throne, judging righteously.

In this verse, we see the God who judges righteously as He protects those who seek Him. David writes this praise to the God whom he has walked with, the One who has made sure he ruled even when the current King Saul wanted him dead. King David gives credit where credit is due since he knows that without God’s intervention, he would be dead already.

Gord walked down the dark dusty alley, heading toward the spot where he’d parked his Harley Softail. Shadows slithered along the walls, gathering speed it seemed to the distraught man. What was wrong with the woman he’d married? Why’d she hate him so much?

Three weeks before, he’d come home to find her with another man. She’d told him that she was leaving and taking their two kids with her. She was moving in with this man who, Gord suspected, had no intention of marrying her but was just using her. She wouldn’t listen to reason and the day she’d left, when Gord had tried to stop her from taking his son, she’d hit him with a rolling pin. Then she’d called the police and charged him with abuse.

Tonight, at her request, he’d come to see the kids. He didn’t trust the neighborhood so had parked his bike in a fenced lot with a night watchman who happened to be a friend. When he’d arrived, he found his kids crying and the house in turmoil. His ex-wife opened the door angrily and had ranted on him the entire time. Before he was there for ten minutes, the police arrived. Apparently she’d gotten a restraining order against him.

But…a neighbor came to see what all the commotion was about. This woman had befriended his ex when she’d moved in with her boyfriend but, apparently, was not a loyal friend. She told the police that she’d been in the house when Gord’s wife had called to invite him over. When she’d hung up she’d laughed that now she had him and told her neighbor how she’d planned to get him jail time.

When the police heard the story, they let Gord go but not before they took him aside and warned him that this was not the first time they’d seen a vindictive woman seek to destroy her ex-husband. Gord was stunned that the woman he’d loved for ten years could be so different from the one who he thought he’d married.

He began to breathe a little easier as he approached the fenced in compound where his bike was stashed. He opened the gate just as the night watchman left his hut to make his rounds of the yard. “Hey Grip, You were right.”

“Yeah? What’d she do?” The large black man laid his hand on Gord’s arm as he looked him squarely in the eye. He listened as Gord told him the sorry details of the last hour and about the neighbor’s intervention. “I know that gal. Good head on her. She’s a believer too. In fact, she’s why I suggested you leave your bike here.”

A lone tear trickled down Gord’s cheek. He hugged his friend, a man he’d met when he’d begun attending the church near his almost empty apartment. There, weeks before, Gord had given his heart to Jesus and had been in a men’s Bible study ever since. These men were his support and they taught him how God loved him and would protect him if he walked closely in the paths that God chose for him.

Gord was lonely but he felt loved as he never had before. And tonight, he understood for the first time, how much he needed God’s protection. All of us need to wear the breastplate of righteousness, God’s protection for our heart. We need to be aware of the dangers (the belt of truth) but we also need protection as God intervenes in our lives when we seek Him.

Lord, just as you provided a neighbor who could tell the police the truth, I need You to go before me and cover me with Your protection wherever I travel. Help me keep my eyes on You, to seek Your wise council, and help me discern truth from lies. Protect me from the enemy’s attempts to destroy me. Amen.

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Exalted Forever

IMG_3243Job 36:7 – He does not take His eyes off the righteous, He enthrones them with kings and exalts them forever.

Because we do not take our eyes off God, He calls us righteous and He will protect and defend us. Is that true, you might ask? What about all the suffering in the world today? What about the poor people in Haiti, who one year after an earthquake devastated their country, are still living in squalor and disease ripe conditions? Job is a story of suffering. God protected him, elevated him with wealth and even gave him a new family. The Bible is truth so we can believe the verses that tell us God sees us as righteous when we exalt Him above all else and He will protect us.

Jeremy drove through the sun ripe countryside. His old beat-up Kawasaki had seen many miles over the past year as he’d traveled coast to coast. Every time he’d stopped for food, gas, or shelter, Jeremy had looked for people who needed his help or people whom he could share the love of Christ with. Now he was on the final leg of his journey. Only 800 miles to go and he’d be home again.

The fields on either side of him shimmered in the hot August sun. For miles down the highway, he’d not seen another vehicle, and the communities he passed were few and far between. The farms were very large, it seemed, with crops approaching the time of harvest. The heat beat down on him radiating off the cement highway. His shirt was soaked. He’d packed his leathers under the bungee that held his gear in place. It was too hot to wear them.

Just then, his bike began to sputter. He looked at the gas gage. There should be plenty of gas in the tank to get me where I need to go for a fill, he thought, but the gage read empty. He pulled over to the side of the road, placed his feet firmly on the paved shoulder and tapped the gas gage. It can’t be.

Jeremy looked around. Wheat, as far as the eye could see and there were no vehicles approaching from either direction. He stood and looked farther. He spotted a grain elevator in the distance. I guess I’ll have to walk. Jeremy bowed his head. Father, you know where I am and you know where I can get some gas. Please protect my motorcycle while I walk to that grain elevator to find someone with fuel. Amen.

Jeremy lowered the kick-stand. He turned just as a large tanker truck pulled up behind him. Where did he come from, he wondered. He wiped his hand across his brow. It was so hot out here. A man stepped out of the truck and walked toward the stranded biker. Jeremy smiled, held out his hand in greeting. “Man, am I glad to see you.”

“Need some help?” the man asked as he shook Jeremy’s hand.

“I seem to be out of gas but…”

“Well, I guess I can help.” The man pointed to his truck. The side of his truck had a large Shell logo across the length of it. “A couple of gallons should get you to the next town.”

“I was going to walk over to that elevator.” Jeremy pointed to his right.

“There’s nothing there. That place has been shut down since the nineties. Here let me get the fuel so you can get on your way out of this heat.” The man walked back to his truck, stepped around to the back and returned a few short minutes later with a jerry can in his hand. “This should do it.”

Jeremy’s mouth dropped open. “How much do I owe you?”  He didn’t wait for the man’s response as he opened his gas tank cap and began to pour the pungent liquid into it.

“Nothing. It’s only a couple of gallons.”

Jeremy handed the can back to the driver, thanked him profusely and then watched as the good Samaritan returned to his vehicle. He turned toward his bike, swung his leg over the seat and then twisted his body to wave his thanks once again but…

There was nothing there. No truck. No man. Nothing. Where had he gone? Then Jeremy bowed his head again. Lord thank you for sending one of your angels just when I needed him. Amen. His devotions that morning had told of God’s care for those God considered righteous. Thank You, Lord. Jeremy shook his head and smiled, his grin larger than it had been any time on his year long trip.

Jeremy felt warm all over, and not from the summer sun either. God loved him and cared about what happened to him. His provision was right on time. God provided some fuel for a lone biker travelling across the prairie just when he needed it and He will look after you too.

Lord, You care about us even when we aren’t expecting it. You surprise us constantly and yet Your word tells us that You are a caring Father and that You know what we need before we need it. Your provision is always on time. We should not be surprised but we always are. Thank You Lord. Amen.

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Believe and Righteousness Follows

IMG_3251The devil often attacks our heart, the seat of our emotions, self-worth, and trust. God’s righteousness is the breastplate that protects our heart and ensures His approval. He approves of us because He loves us and sent His Son to die for us.

            Righteousness (acting in a morally correct manner, correct by divine declaration – set right with God)

Genesis 15:6 – Abram believed the Lord, and He credited it to him as righteousness.

Abram believed what God promised him and because his faith was in God, not the promise, he was set right with God or declared by God to be righteous. Our faith, even as little as a mustard seed, needs to have its foundation in Jesus Christ, in His person and His work.

Glade walked into the clubhouse. He smiled his usual greeting to the man heading in his direction. Buzz pushed by him as he stocked toward the door. “What’er you so happy about? Life stinks,” he grumbled. The clubhouse door slammed as Buzz disappeared through it, leaving Glade standing, staring after the unhappy man.

“Hey, Deeter. What’s with him?” He hollered to the one other person in the room.

Deeter looked up from the newspaper he’d been reading. “Don’t know. Don’t care.” Deeter’s gaze returned to the article in front of him.

Glade shrugged but the image of unhappiness that permeated the place reached out and grabbed like a tangible hand. He shivered. What was it about the club that made him feel so unloved and unwanted these days? Then he remembered the sermon his pastor had preached in church the day before. He’d talked about a Christian’s need to guard their heart, to protect their inner most being from the attacks of the enemy.

Was it possible? He scoffed. Of course it was. This place was ripe with Satan’s markings. Everywhere he looked he saw, with eyes that seemed to be clear for the first time, evidence of how the enemy controlled the lives of all who entered the doors of the club. The heaviness weighed them down. He could feel it. I need to leave. Glade marched toward the door he’d just come through.

The pastor was right. He needed to protect his heart by immersing himself in the word, and traveling with people who also loved God. Especially now when he’d given his life to Christ. There was nothing he could do for his fellow bikers until he became stronger in his faith. Maybe one day God would lead him back here but for now he needed to put the club and its members behind him.

Glade was right to take what his pastor preached seriously. If we don’t wear our righteousness, the set-right-with-God shield, openly, we are more likely to step back into old habits. We need to wear it like a badge of honor whenever we step into the world and all that entails, understanding that while we love the people we work with, the people God places in front of us, we also need to be aware of Christ, His person and His work at all times.

Fill your heart and mind with God’s love for the people you come in contact with but never forget it’s God’s love and not your own. Don’t ever take Christ for granted. Be aware of His power to reach out to the lost, the sick, and the weak, as you move through your day.

Father, regard me as righteous. Fill me with Your presence today, so I may reflect You to the people You bring into my path. Keep me sharply aware that it is all about You, not me at all. I can do nothing without You in my life, walking before me, guiding my steps. Thank You Father. Amen.

Look around. Do You see God at work in and through You? Have you taken the necessary precautions to protect your heart, your innermost being from the enemy or do you let unholy thoughts fester and grow like a cancer?


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Truth Through Jesus Christ

John 1:17 – For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

In the Old TestAmen.t, the nature and will of God was revealed through Moses and the law. But in the New TestAmen.t, Jesus Christ embodied that same will and nature of God. He said of Himself, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” People can know truth, God, and have life by knowing Jesus Christ.

A dear friend went home to be with the Lord today. How do I know this? I know what and in whom the man believed and because he believed in the person of Jesus Christ, who was Himself resurrected from the dead, I know that my friend no longer exists on earth but in heaven, walking in the garden with His Lord and Savior. What a comfort that is.

This man learned truth from Jesus Christ and, a long time ago, committed his life to following the example set by Jesus when Jesus walked among us. Now history does not dispute that Jesus existed and walked among men. There were too many witnesses for that. Many other religions acknowledge His existence as well. My friend discovered that there was a better way to live and lived it, so today, we know, he is in heaven.

But what if my belief is wrong? What if Jesus was not the Son of God, the long awaited Messiah? What if my friend’s belief was wrong? The worse we can say is that he lived a good life and built into other people’s lives in a very positive way. He will still be remembered well.

But…and this is for those skeptics out there, who choose to turn their back on the truth that the Bible offers. They choose instead to follow their own path, striving for material possessions, building a self-satisfying life, maybe even contributing when they are paid to do so, but never admitting they need anyone but themselves. If they are right, life here is all there is and they live it to the fullest.

But…if they are wrong, if the God of the Bible is their judge when they die, He will say He never knew them. The Bible says they will live on but in a lake of fire with the enemy of this world…for all eternity tortured and screaming. Not a pretty picture. If we believers are wrong, we simply cease to exist. If they are wrong…

I leave it to you. Gird yourself with the truth from the Bible. Walk in Jesus’ footsteps and you will discover that you will live life more content, more loving, and more fruitful while building treasures in heaven as my friend did. It’s never too late to decide that Jesus has all the answers for the situations that life throws your way, whether health issues, financial, or just relationships. His truth protects us from the enemy’s attempts to take us with him to that place of eternal torment.

Father, I love you and I know that my friend is with you today in Your garden. He walks beside You and talks with You face to face. Thank You for His life.  I pray that all those who have had a hard time reconciling You with the world around them and all the false information they’ve been fed over the years, will just make a choice to follow You, to study Your Word, and to discover the truth at last…in that order.  Amen.

What side of the fence do you sit on? There are only two sides to any fence and no place to sit in the middle. Let me know if you have any questions or if you think that what I have written makes sense. Have a great day.

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The Word, Full of Grace and Truth

IMG_3165John 1:14 – The Word became flesh, and made His dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the one and only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Jesus Christ was not part God and part man. He came to us completely human and fully God with all the divine nature of God, complete with the grace and truth that embodies our Holy God. Jesus came prepared to extend God’s grace to us and to provide us with His truth, the things we need to know in order to become part of His family. Because of God’s visit to earth as Jesus, we can know truth and use it to arm ourselves against the attacks from the enemy.

Josh strapped on his chaps, laced up his boots, slipped his arms into the sleeves of his leather jacket and zipped it all the way up. This road trip would last for a couple of weeks and he wanted to be prepared. His helmet was strapped to the back of his motorcycle. He unhooked it, slid it over his long ponytail, and buckled it into place.

Josh’s leathers, helmet and gloves protected him as he rode down the highway. His helmet shielded his face from flying debris such as insects, stones, rain, and anything that became airborne from the wheels of passing vehicles. His leather jacket and chaps as well as his boots and gloves did the same for the rest of his body. If, and he shivered at the thought, he went down, his body would be less likely to get road rash because of his leather gear.

God’s truth is like that. It protects us, not from all the dangers, but from deceivers, and tempters who would drag us into danger. His truth allows us to discern right from wrong so we can make wise choices. When we walk closely to God and His truth, we are less likely to deviate from His chosen path for us.

Josh made a wise choice to protect his body while he rode his motorcycle. Did he expect never to go down? He certainly hoped not. But…if he did, he’d still have some protection making the damage to his body less than it would be if he wore shorts and a t-shirt. God’s truth does not promise that we won’t have trials (danger) but He does promise to walk with us through it, giving us His perspective to guide us to the other side.

When was the last time you considered what God’s answer to your situation would be? When was the last time you turned to His word to discover His answers before you made a decision? God has answers…and the consequences of following God’s direction (wearing leathers) is less damage to us in the long run. Think about it seriously today.

Father, You are the answer to life’s issues. Your word tells us how to handle any given situation and yet we so often ignore You, and just barge ahead making the same stupid mistakes over and over again. Guide us. Give us Your truth and help us to listen on a regular basis to Your counsel. Amen.

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Man of Integrity

IMG_3240Matt. 22:16b – “Teacher,” they said, “we know You are a man of integrity and that You teach the way of God in accordance with the truth.”

In an attempt to trap Jesus, the Pharisees and Herodians ask Jesus questions. Here they say they know He is a man of integrity but really don’t believe it. They say Jesus teaches the way of God but again do not believe it. Muslims today say Jesus was a great prophet but do not believe in His sovereignty as do most other world religions. They acknowledge Him but do not really believe He’s relevant to their lives.

Maggie placed her hand on Jigger’s arm. “You know my parents go to church every Christmas Eve. They will be pleased if we go with them. It’s only for an hour. We don’t believe that stuff but…I love my parents. I don’t want to hurt them. Can we go?”

“I’ll feel like a hypocrite but if that’s what you want. All this Jesus stuff is just so much garbage.” Jigger scratched an itchy patch of beard. He grabbed their bags and walked behind Maggie up the front steps to the door that led into her parent’s home.

The evening went really well. Dinner was tasty and Jigger seemed to get along with her father really well. At least he’s trying, she thought. She began to relax. This home had always seemed like a refuge to her. Peace seemed to reign here. Maggie breathed deeply, curled her feet up under her on the sofa and leaned her head back. There was nowhere else where she felt this sense that all was right with her world.

Soon it was time to head out to the service that celebrated the coming of Jesus. Another Christmas season. Maggie walked beside her mother down the block toward the large edifice that had been as familiar to her as her own home for many years. Her heart skipped a beat. Anticipation flowed through her veins.

The service was everything she expected. It’s like coming home, Maggie reflected and then wondered at her reflection. She’d been taught this story was true. Maybe… She looked at Jigger. He was listening, really listening. She’d never been able to get him to consider any religion, never mind this one.

Jigger listened intently. He wanted to find a flaw in what the preacher said but…somehow it all made sense. He’d never felt such peace before. It was as if this Jesus wanted him to…what? Believe? How do I? Jigger felt his heart grow warm, the ice that always seemed to permeate his soul disappeared and it was as if a warm hand cradled the organ and caused it to beat once more. Whoa!

Jigger and Maggie were confronted with the truth of the Gospel message as never before. They didn’t wonder how all this fit into their lives. They just accepted and let the rest fall into place. Years later, they would look back on this night and see the very hand of God and the truth of His gospel at work.

Skeptics, over the years, have done whatever they could to prove the Bible is a collection of stories and nothing more. Many have instead been confronted by truth that changed their lives forever. Have you been confronted by God’s truth? If you have, you have one of two choices to make. One – you accept and walk into a new life as a believing Christian. The other choice is to reject this truth and face the consequences of that choice in your life. And there are always consequences.

Father thank you for providing us with a truth that can make a difference in our lives. Walking with You opens our eyes to all the attempts of the enemy to blind us and lead us down the wrong path. Place Your hedge of angels around those who choose to follow You. Amen.

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Seek Him in Truth

IMG_3242Isaiah 45:19 – I have not spoken in secret, from somewhere in a land of darkness; I have not said to Jacob’s descendants, “Seek me in vain.’ I, the Lord, speak the truth; I declare what is right.

God does not speak to us in riddles so we can’t understand Him. He does not whisper secrets to a select few whom He takes into His confidence. He does not require us to take an oath of secrecy so we can appropriate the information He has for us. God speaks publicly. He declares His truths openly and gives us free access to all that will declare us righteous and holy, to His honor and glory.

Jade walked home slowly, fear, like tangible droplets, streaked across her face as she contemplated the scene she’d encounter when she walked through the door. The club was meeting. She’d be banished to the bedroom while everyone else, including a few women, rested comfortably in every chair and on every sofa. Her refusal to take the oath placed a wall between her and her husband as well as the rest of the club.

Jade shivered. She wanted to be part of them. The atmosphere seemed to thicken when club members walked into a room, as if the devil himself walked through the doorway with them. She hadn’t heard a word about the oath, knew nothing of what was asked of her. She only knew the fear that seeped into her soul whenever she thought about the secrecy.

If it was a secret, then something must be wrong with it, she reasoned. But then, she had an ally in her corner. She had the creator of truth on her side so when asked to swear allegiance to another, she hesitated, just long enough for truth to surface. Fear vanished.

She’d encountered God, for the first time in her life, just three months before. She’d attended her friend’s church to support that woman’s limited acting ability. Deana participated in a short drama depicting Mary Magdalene. Jade was blown away…not by the acting but by the story. She could relate. In fact it spoke directly to her heart as nothing had ever done in the past.

Jade lifted her head, squared her shoulders, and marched up the stairs to her front door. If God was for her, she remembered reading a couple of days ago, who could be against her. She was protected and God walked by her side. She opened the door, walked confidently into her home, smiled, spoke her greeting and then walked up the stairs. Nothing had changed as far as the club was concerned but the fear was gone.

God openly, in public, does business with all of us, anyone who cares to listen. He does not require an oath, a secret meeting, or anything else. All we need do is invite Him to step into our lives, to take control, as we admit that we fall short of His perfect standard. His Word, the Bible, is our instruction manual, easily understood and readily available in most countries in the western hemisphere. Open it regularly. Read it intensely. Meditate on the words with clarity of mind. Allow God to gird you with His truth so you, too, can walk without fear, but with confidence.

Father You are the giver of all things including truth. Thank You for loving us so much that You’ve made Your word accessible, understandable, and applicable. Give me the confidence to memorize, meditate, and appropriate all that Your word has to offer so I can walk through life reflecting Your Glory to those I meet. Amen. 

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