Protect and Provide

Picture this. You’re riding down the highway, and a contingent of God’s heavenly angels glide along the asphalt with you, acting as a buffer between you and the oncoming traffic. They provide a hedge of protection to make sure that each part of your vehicle works as it should and that you are safe for the journey.

This is part of the prayer that goes into a Biker Blessing. We ask for God’s provision and protection for those with whom we pray. But is it biblical? Do angels really protect and provide for the people … the children of God?

Not too many years ago, my husband and I experienced an angel who appeared out of nowhere in a gas truck, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhen we ran out of gas on a remote part of a highway in 100 degree temperatures. Then our daughter called out to God in the midst of an accident and her car was propelled away from a head on collision with a utility pole. Cars don’t skid sideways all by themselves.

David, the King of Israel, believed in angels. He wrote in Psalm 103, verse 20, “Praise the Lord, you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding, who obey his word.” David believed that angels were created beings who did what God wanted them to do. All through the bible, we read about angels intervening in people’s lives for a variety of reasons. They were messengers who pointed people to God.

When we pray for someone, God hears our prayers. He decides to take away the problem facing a person, or He decides to walk them through the problem. He might also decide to take them home to be with Him as an answer to their prayer. Along the way, He may use His angels to help in a given situation so praying for His angels to protect and provide is not out of line with His word. We don’t pray to the angel but to God.

Be bold. Be confident when you pray for someone. Give them a word picture to take with them, as they ride on down the highway, of angels surrounding their vehicle. Let them know that God understands their circumstances and cares for them, in every aspect of their life. Your prayer can help them focus on a God who loves them. It can get their attention.

(an excerpt from More Than Bells, Devotions on Prayer)

Barbara Ann Derksen has written five devotionals to date and is working on the sixth. Her books are read all across the US and Canada with a few, so far, sold in Europe.

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Coming Soon – More Than Bells, Devotions on Prayer

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  • Amanda Beth says:

    I was driving my kids to Awana one evening. The song “Oh Lord above, I need a miracle” was on the radio. I was singing the song when all of a sudden a car pulled out horizontally in front of me and stopped. I was going about 45-50mph. All I could do was slam on my brakes and swerve. I can’t even explain it, but I turned and stopped instantly without a screech from my tires and without even waking my kids up in the back seat. When I got to Awana one of the leaders overheard me telling my husband about the incident. He came up to me and said he was in the car behind me. He said I stopped so perfectly it was a miracle. I believe without a doubt God sent His angels to help me and the man in front of me. I would have t-boned him and it would’ve killed him.

  • I so agree with your take on this.

  • Over 20 years ago our oldest son was in college, he called and asked if he could come home early for Thanksgiving break. I told him son you don’t have to ask that, Of course, I’ll have supper ready when you get here. I was on break at work and as I headed back to my desk the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray for his travel. I had never prayed such a prayer. I cocooned him in angels. Inside the car and outside. When back to work and forgot. When he got home, he opened the door, stuck his head in and asked, who prayed. To shorten a long story, he was run off the road. He heard the tires of the passenger side leave the road and go onto gravel and then no sound, then the drivers side did the same. He was suspended over a cliff in mid air. After the car passes going up hill on my sons side of the road, the process reversed. No sound to gravel then pavement, then gravel and pavement. He stopped the car and thanked the Lord for answered prayer and the Lord reminded him he had forgotten to pray. He thanked the Lord for grace and the Lord told him that someone had prayed for him. Now if the Lord prompts me to pray for travel for some one they are cocooned in angels. Yes we are to pray for protection, after all there is an enemy out there waiting to destroy us. God is so good. I praise him daily for answered prayers.