Stand Firm

Isaiah 7:9b – If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all

Either we believe God is who He said He is, and that He does what He says He will do, or we don’t. This is the foundation of our belief system. Isaiah tells it like it is. If our foundation is not strong…we fall.

Jeremy looked at the crack forming along the south wall of his new home. I just bought this place, he thought to himself. I bought new so I wouldn’t have to go through any major repairs so soon. Now look at that.

His wife started down the stairs leading to the lower level of their home. Before she had time to say anything, Jeremy interjected, “Don’t say a word. I’m not ready to hear ‘I told you so’…at least not yet. We’ll have to get the contractor out here and assess what he needs to do. Thank goodness, the home is still only a year old. It’s under warranty.”

She chuckled as she headed back up stairs. Jeremy knew her pretty well. She’d been about to remind him that she’d wanted an outside inspector to look at how the place was constructed before they signed the contract. Oh well, I guess it’s a learning experience.

Jeremy walked into their sunny kitchen, stepped up to the coffee maker and poured himself a hot cup of the steaming brew. He looked out the window. They’d been so excited about owning their first home. They were out in the country surrounded by lots of trees. Every once in a while, a deer or a fox would venture onto their yard, looking for food. Jeremy had built a wooden feed trough that the animals used a lot…mostly during the early dawn hours when there were few people to disturb them.

He sighed. His wife rubbed his back in support as she walked to the tiny room she called her office. Jeremy continued to look across the fields that were visible where the trees were less dense. I’ll call that guy later. The boys want to go for a bike ride and the weather is perfect.

“Jen, I’m going for a ride. The guys are waiting for me. I’ll be back later, probably in time for dinner.”

“What about the basement wall. What if…”

“It’ll be fine. That crack didn’t just appear now. It’s been coming for a few days already. Another day won’t hurt any.”

You know where I’m heading with this. If the foundation of a house is not solid, bad things happen. Sometimes, depending on the footings that the contractor placed under the house, a house could collapse. It’s the same with our faith. A weak foundation causes us to slip into temptation or to fall away from God altogether. We backslide because we don’t have a solid, impenetrable belief that God is and God does.

Take the time to examine where you got your beliefs from. The most reliable source is the Bible and the world that God created for us to shine in. And we do shine, as Christians, in the dark places, when we have a solid faith that exudes from our pores toward the people we see before us…the ones God has placed in our path.

Father help us shine, to reflect your light to those around us. Help us light the dark places in people’s lives but most of all, grow our faith. Move us out of our circumstances so we can learn reliance on You instead of self-reliance. Amen.

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