Take Heart

Matt 9:2 – When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic, “Take heart son, your sins are forgiven.”

Our faith, deep and abiding, brings great joy to the Lord. In this verse, we see that because of the faith of the people assembled, the paralytic’s sins were forgiven and he was healed of his paralysis. Jesus said that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we could move mountains. Faith, as a part of the armor of God, puts wings on our feet. The shield of faith gives us victory over Satan’s arrows of doubt, temptations, and defeat.

Griff belted his chaps around his waist, zipped up the legs and fastened the snaps at the bottom over his boots. He stuck his arms into the sleeves of his leather jacket. The zipper was closed all the way to the top before he plunked his helmet over his hair. It was braided down his back to keep the wind from turning it into a tangled mess. This is going to be a good ride.

He pulled out of his driveway, the Heritage soft-tail’s pipes letting everyone know he was riding today. Griff was meeting a buddy and the two were headed out to complete an Iron Butt run. Oh boy…a thousand miles in twenty four hours. His stomach quickened with excitement.

His short trek to Geeser’s house took only ten minutes. Griff pulled into the driveway. He watched as Geeser placed the last of his gear on the bike, secured it with bungees, and then slung his leg over the saddle of his bike. “Aren’t you wearing any gear today?” Griff asked.

“Naw…too hot. Besides, we’ll be back tomorrow.” He turned on his ignition.

Griff leaned back in his seat. He ignored the impatient rumble of his bike. “Leathers’ll protect you if you go down.” He made the obvious statement.

“Yeah, I see you’re all suited up. Not me. I don’t intend to go down.” Geeser revved his engine, impatient to get going. “Let’s roll.”

Griff shrugged his shoulders, put his bike in gear and slowly turned it around in the driveway. He led the way out to the street after looking left, right, and then left again as he’d been taught. The pair, their pipes as loud as the law would allow, took off for their adventure, the sun steaming down on their heads. Gonna be a great day, Griff thought as he smiled, a sense of satisfaction racing through his body. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.

At the first intersection, just as the two bikes pulled out to cross, a large delivery truck flew through the stop light. Before they knew what hit them, the bodies of both bikers were rolling down the street, their motorcycles throwing bits and pieces of chrome and steel in all directions. Their bodies slid along the pavement, as they tumbling head over heels, scrapping grass and asphalt along the way. When they came to a stop, about 45 feet later, no one moved.

Paramedics screamed up the highway a few minutes later. They slammed on their brakes and rushed, with medical supplies, to the side of each man. Griff groaned. He hurt in places he never knew existed. His arm was broken, he was sure, and a quick examination by the paramedic confirmed that it was as well as numerous cuts and bruises. His nose was broken too. “Geeser…is…he…all…right?”

He paramedic looked toward his partner. The white sheet lying over the face of the other biker said it all. “He didn’t make it.”

Griff was protected by his leather armor, the clothing that took the brunt of his connection with the pavement. Geeser wore no protection and consequently was an easy target for Death. That’s the way it is when we step outside without fully accessing the armor of God. Chaps protect legs from shards of cement and faith protects our body from Satan’s sharp arrows.

Father, help us be diligent. You have provided us with armor to protect us as we head out into the world to share our faith with people who need to know that You exist and that You care about them. Remind us, often, to put on that armor, so that we can be effective for You. Amen.

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