Greater Faith

John 14:12 – I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these …

It’s really hard to imagine that we could do greater things than Christ did when He walked the earth. He healed the sick, drove out demons, caused a fig tree to whither, turned water into wine, and many other miracles. Yet, He…Christ Himself…tells us in this verse that with faith…the shield that protects us from the doubts that Satan uses to call us useless…we can do even greater things.

Everything hinges on our faith in God…the most pleasurable thing we can give Him. The Bible says He delights in us when we show unwavering faith in who He is and what He can do. We know that the greater things we can do, if we have faith, is not what we can do but what Christ can do through us. It’s His work that we block when we refuse to believe in the possibility.

Burk dropped his kickstand, turned off the bike, and swung his leg off. He stood, arched his back to take the kinks out, and then strode purposefully into the tiny bar. The town consisted of one main street with a few side roads. He looked toward the two rows of motorcycles parked in front of the steps leading inside. If all these bikes come from this place then everyone in town rides.

Before opening the door, he slipped off his head rag, wiped his brow, and then tucked the rag into his back pocket. The clear demarcation line across his forehead said he’d been in the sun a long time. Burk slowly opened the door. A cool breeze wafted out. Refreshing.

He walked over to the bar, ordered a nonalcoholic beverage, and then sat at one of the nearby tables. He took a long sip, his parched throat raw from dust and hot wind. As his eyes adjusted, he could see several patrons, mostly men. They sat in groups of three or four drinking from tall frosty bottles of beer.

Their conversation had stopped as soon as he walked in. Burk knew they were sizing him up. One skinny dude walked over, his stride telling everyone he was the boss. “You travel far?”

Burk looked at the man, kicked out a chair for him to sit on, and then focused on his drink before answering his question. “I’ve been traveling for the last two weeks. Stay in one place a night or two and then move on. Where you all from?”

The skinny man sat down after turning the chair so he could straddle it backwards. “Most of us live around here, farming generally. The others come from nearby. You plannin’ on bein’ here long?” He motioned for someone to bring his beer over to the table.

Burk watched another man, a larger one, do his bidding. “I guess that depends.”

“On what?” He took a long pull from the chilled bottle that was already half gone.

“On whether you guys will listen to what I have to say or not.” Burke looked around at the bikers. There were some other folks there as well but mostly bikers. “I’m a preacher and I have some important news to tell you.”

The skinny man began to laugh. “I thought you was some holy Joe or something. You drinkin’ like a dude. Hey boys, the preacher here has some important news for us.”

Burk listened to more laughter. He leaned toward the man who’d joined him. “Where’d you get that limp?”

“I went down last year. It never healed right.” He stretched his leg out as far as it would go, the knee in a permanent bend. “Makes it hard to ride for a long time.”

Burk laid his hand on the man’s knee. “Hey…what the…” The man stood. “I ain’t one of those.”

“Me neither. Want that fixed?”  Burk closed his eyes for a short minute.

The man sat back down. “You can do that?”

“I can…with Jesus.” He laid his hand on the damaged knee again. With his eyes focused on the Lord, he felt the heat from his hand pore into the joint.

The thin man reacted with pleasure, took another swig of his beer, and then looked intently toward his leg. It was straight. He stood. The bend was gone and there was no pain. He walked around the table…testing his leg. Still straight…still no pain. Gasps from onlookers could be heard above the bottles dropping on tables as many stood. Burk began to preach.

Imagine if every one of us could do that. Jesus says we can…if we have faith. I think I have a strong belief and I know you do too. But is it the kind of faith that could move mountains? Our education tells us that’s impossible. In countries where education is obtained by only a select few, people just believe because Jesus said it’s so. We need to have that kind of faith.

Burk used his faith to grab people’s attention. They needed to hear about Jesus and when he was used by God to heal their leader, they were all ears to the message he had to preach. Jesus wants to use us mightily but doubt stops us from truly living in faith. Use the shield of God’s armor, access a strong faith, and see what God will do through you…even today.

Father, I believe, I truly do, but the world…Satan…tells me I can’t do what You’ve said I can do. Your word says I can do all things through Christ. Help me believe that and place me in the spot where You can shine and grab people’s attention. Amen.

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