Fullness of Faith

Acts 6:5 – They chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit …

Stephen was a gentile, a member of the early church who was chosen to participate, along with several other men, in a program to feed the gentile widows and orphans. He was chosen because he walked in the Spirit. He acknowledged the Holy Spirit’s rightful place in his life and because of that he was a man full of faith. Stephen’s faith allowed him to be used of God to perform many miracles and signs.

Stephen wore his faith on his sleeve. In other words, he chose to believe that God was who He said He was and that God could do what He said He could do. The people around him, the ones God placed in his path each day, benefitted from Stephen’s faith.

Joyce pointed toward another biker, also preparing to leave for the chapter trip. “I’d like to ride behind him…if that’s okay with everyone else.” She looked around at the faces of the people near her, who had heard her request. No one seemed to object.

She straddled her bike, tucked her hair under her helmet, and started the ignition on her clear coat red Kawasaki. She ran her hand over the paint covering her gas tank. This was the first trip out since her new paint job. The bike gleamed like new, only better, in the early morning sunshine.

Giving the throttle a little pressure, she idled her bike closer to the man she’d chosen to ride with. “Gary…do you mind if I ride behind you?”

No not at all.” He tucked the last of his gear into the right saddle bag. “Betty will be here in a minute or two. We’ll line up with the rest of the group then. I hope our ride captain stops to pray before we leave the parking lot. Do you have a CB?” Gary believed that God was their real road captain, at least as far as he was concerned.

“Moose usually does.” Joyce slipped her hands into a pair of leather gloves with the fingers cut off. She revved her motor. Feels like I’m on a horse raring to go. “I do have a CB.” She lifted the mike and pointed it in his direction. Channel three?” She noticed Gary smile at his wife. That man has the faith to move mountains. If anyone can get us to our destination, it’s him. “Hi Betty.”

Betty put her helmet over her dark curls. “Hi Joyce.” She smiled ruefully. “So much for my hairstyle.”

Joyce nodded in agreement. “I wonder if they have…oh never mind. I’ve tried almost everything I’ve heard of to take care of helmet hair but…nothing helps. Maybe a shorter doo.” Betty waved her acknowledgment of the last statement, slipped her leg over the bike to sit behind her husband, and then waited as Gary turned their bike in the direction that the group was headed.

Joyce knew that Gary walked with the Holy Spirit as his guide. She’d seen proof that his faith could do great things when, at chapter meetings, she listened to stories of how God brought that person or another into his path. He was a prayer warrior and people asked him to pray for them all the time. He’d also been a witness to God’s healing power after he prayed for a miracle.

Do people see that kind of relationship with the Holy Spirit in your life? Do they flock toward you so that you can pray for them? Is your faith all about you or is it clearly all about Jesus Christ? These are thought-provoking questions that take more than a few minutes to consider. As you evaluate your faith today and listen for the Holy Spirit’s prompting, consider how much you believe that God is and that God does.

Father, Increase my faith today. Place me in situations where my faith can be exercised, strengthened, and grown for Your honor and glory. It’s not about me Lord. It’s all about You. Help me be a benefit to the people You place in my life as You work through me to touch them. Amen.


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