Repent and Turn

Acts 20:21 – I have declared to both Jews and Greeks that they must turn to God in repentance and have faith in our Lord Jesus.

Before the Lord ascended into heaven, He commissioned the disciples…and everyone else…to go into the entire world to make disciples. That included both Jew and Gentile populations. An important part of sharing their faith was to help others develop theirs. Once a person accepted the facts about Christ, faith in God was paramount and still is.

Faith surrounds us like a shield, protecting us when Satan would plant thoughts that contradict what we have come to know as truth. He feeds our psyche doubts, based on the world we live in, and the nature we are born with. He uses both to cause us to disbelieve what our eyes see and our hearts tell us.

Faith allows us to step out of our comfort zone, to share what Christ has done for us with others, and Satan does not want us to do that. He wants us afraid that someone will laugh at us. Listening to six young people give their testimony this week, their need to be popular…to not stand out…was the most prevalent reason they gave for walking away from the faith that they had as a child.

Bill walked into the room, hoping that no one would notice the tiny patch he wore over his heart. The little white cross signified that he was a Christian, but Bill didn’t want anyone knowing that…yet.

His conversion had happened three weeks ago. When he sewed the patch on that morning, told to do so by the man who’d shared his faith with him and led him in a prayer of salvation, Bill had wanted his faith to be just between him and God. After all, wasn’t faith a personal or inward expression? He’d heard that somewhere.

His mentor had disagreed. He told Bill that if he was ashamed of Christ, then Christ would be ashamed of him…so…he’d sewn the patch on but…now…standing in a room full of club members…he wasn’t so sure. What if they thought he’d become soft? What if they laughed at him?

Bill walked farther into the room. He grabbed a soft drink from the tub of ice and sauntered over toward a small group of guys. They were having an animated conversation he could tell…some waving their arms. A couple of the guys had very angry faces. Bill sat quietly. He didn’t want to get involved…just yet.

 But one man had other ideas. “Bill, what do you think?” The man who’d spoken had, just a few minutes ago, been shaking his fist in the face of another. “Uh…what’s that on your vest? You a Christian now?”

Bill sank lower in his seat. The group had grown quiet, distracted from their argument by this newest revelation. “I…uh…well…yes…I guess I am. Not to worry though. I won’t preach at you.” Bill looked at the man who’d put him in the limelight.

His face had softened…considerably. “I guess we’ll have to remember that we have a Creator or a higher power, won’t we. You’ll be a good reminder for all of us that we need to behave a little.” He chuckled and then sat down beside the man he’d been harassing.

Interesting, Bill thought. I didn’t have to say anything.

Whether we want to openly share our faith or not, it shines like a beacon reminding those around us that we are not alone on this planet. Infiltrating the darkness, our faith is a flame that draws people to its bright light because they want what we have even when they aren’t sure what that is. God shields us from the enemy’s arrows so we can be effective for Him. He uses us to bring people into the kingdom. All we have to do is walk by His side, drinking in His personality as we get to know Him, and He will do the rest.

Father, I thank You that Your plan to build Your kingdom is Your plan and not mine. I would mess it up but with You by my side, all I have to do is walk where You want me to walk, to step out of my comfort zone once in a while. Father use me today and every day. Shine through me into the lives of my friends and family. Amen.

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