No Other Name

Acts 4:12 – Salvation is found in no-one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved

Peter and John had been jailed for healing a crippled man.  The next day, the Pharisees and Sadducees, the leaders in the church, brought both men before their council to be questioned. Filled by the Holy Spirit, Peter told them the entire gospel message. Part of that message is contained in the verse above.

Peter made it clear that Salvation comes only through Jesus Christ. If any man wants to be saved, they will have to address the personage of the very man the church leaders recently crucified. This did not sit well with the Pharisees and Sadducees. This message does not sit well with self-righteous people the world over today.

Gordo sat up, his back ramrod straight. His look of defiance searched the room for someone else who might share his opinion. He couldn’t find a friendly face anywhere. Everyone looked pensive but no one objected to the message coming from the front of the room.

“A person needs to recognize the Lordship of Jesus Christ before they can be saved.” The speaker was another biker, one who’d returned from four years of training in a seminary. The man was well respected because his walk was no different than what he talked about…even here.

Gordo disagreed. “I believe in God…in my own way. What’s wrong with that?”

Pliers, the man who spoke from the front of the room, looked toward Gordo and then scanned the faces before him. “I used to think that way too. I thought this one way to heaven business was hate speech, exclusive, and not for me. But when you begin to understand the man who bears the name Jesus, all that changes.”

Gordo harrumphed. He crossed his arms over his chest. “No matter how we believe, God is way out there and we are right here. We’ve seen a few of our members go down. Jeremy is still in the hospital. God did nothing to help him and won’t help us either. He may have created but…”

Pliers smiled. “So many of us blame God for everything wrong in our lives. In fact for some, it’s the only time we even think of Him. Jesus, while He’s called God’s son, is God and He wants to be first in our life…in our thinking…so that we can see our problems through His eyes and connect with His healing power….whatever form that takes. Jesus is personal and waits for the time when we look to Him instead of seeking our own answers. That’s what Lordship is. He controls…not us.”

Gordo stood, turned his back to Pliers and walked toward the door. “That’s fine and good for you. I want no part of it. I’ll do things my way…take care of myself. I don’t need no crutch.” He walked out the door.

Gordo made a choice…one that years later he would live to regret. Jesus was calling him but he turned his back on God because he wanted to be in control. People all over the world want to be able to say I did it my way and look how I’ve succeeded. I haven’t known too many people, though, who…when they fail…accept the responsibility and say then I did it my way. They usually blame others or God Himself.

Salvation brings us into a personal relationship with a gentleman. God waits for us to step aside in our own lives and sometimes in the lives of family members or friends. Pliers had to leave Gordo alone in his misconceptions until God had time to draw him in relationship. That’s all any of us can do for our friends. We can’t make them believe. All we are asked to do is share our faith and live our faith. God does the rest…in His time.

Father, Lordship is so important. Either we are the lords of our lives or we step aside and let Jesus fill that role. Help us step aside so that You can take the seat of control…the throne. You are better equipped than any of us will ever be…so Father, I give it all to You. Amen.


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