Inherit Salvation

Hebrews 1:14 – Are not the angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?

Angels, the Bible says, are sent to serve those who are saved. That gives us a tremendous incentive to seek the Lord and allow Him full control over our lives. When we do that, the Bible says we are saved, that we have the helmet of salvation to protect. God’s angels are part of that protection.

Drew leaned forward on his motorcycle, as he sped down the highway. It was one of many straight stretches that he traversed that day. The sun beat down on him, hot and searing, burning through the back of his leather jacket. I need to get this off, he decided, so as soon as he could safely maneuver his bike to the side of the road, he stopped.

There wasn’t any vehicle, car, truck or otherwise, in sight. He looked both ways as he slipped his arms out of the sleeves of his jacket. I’ll keep my vest on. Need some protection. He stashed his jacket under the bungees holding his bedroll. Then he took a long sip of the tepid water that he’s purchased a few miles back. It was cold.

Drew straddled his motorcycle and turned his key in the ignition. Nothing. He tried again. Still nothing. His gas gage had been acting up lately. Maybe…he decided to check and sure enough, he was out of gas. I musta been traveling on fumes the last few miles. Now what do I do. He decided to pray. Lord, you know where I am and what I need. Please provide. Thank You Father.

He looked over the grain fields on both sides of the road to see if some buildings revealed any sign of life. There. He spotted a grain elevator. I’ll just walk over there…see if there’s any available fuel. Just as he lifted his leg off the bike, he saw a large truck stopped behind him. Where did that come from?

Drew walked back toward the truck as the driver stepped out. “Can I help you?” The driver smiled at Drew.

“I’m out of gas. Was going to walk over there…see if they have any.” He pointed toward the elevator. Then he noticed the lettering along the side of the tanker. It was a gas truck. He smiled.

“I guess I can help,” the driver grinned. “Besides, there’s nothing over there. That grain elevator has been shut down for years.” The driver walked to the back of his truck, filled a jerrycan and headed back toward Drew. “Here ya go.”

“How much?” Drew put his hand in the pocket of his jeans to grab his wallet. He placed it on the seat of his bike and began pouring gas into his tank.

The driver stood quietly, watching the gas flow. “Nothing. It’s the least I can do.” Drew handed him the jerrycan and shook the man’s hand. “You certainly came along just in time. Thanks a lot.”

Drew locked his gas tank and straddled his bike once again. He turned on the ignition and listened as his motorcycle motor sputtered and then roared to life. Looking back to make sure he wasn’t going to hit the truck, he just about fell off his seat. There was no truck. It didn’t go past, he knew that, and when he looked back down the road, it wasn’t there either.

Drew was ministered to by an angel. There was no other explanation. One minute he was there and the next he was gone. God provided and expanded Drew’s faith in the process. Drew prayed as soon as he had a need. God fixed the problem.

Believers the world over are visited by angels all the time. Do we recognize that God has done something supernatural? Probably not. The Bible is clear, though. Angels do exist and they are sent to serve believers. The Bible is full of stories about their presence in the lives of the faithful, people who are saved. Salvation is God’s helmet of protection…His way to make us accessible to Him. There’s nothing we need to do to earn it. It’s free gift…one that has a host of benefits…heavenly hosts.

Father, thank You for providing for us when we least expect it. Help us be expecting believers, however, to know what Your word says and to believe it to be true from cover to cover. I am not yet a believer Lord, but I want to accept Your free gift of Salvation so I can leave the control of my life up to You. Amen.

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  • Marge Dawson says:

    Hello Barbara Ann, what a wonderful story, I save them all, you are still enjoying your Mission for God. May you and Hubby be Blessed, as you and are able to Bless others, Thanks and all my love, Marge