Salvation of Souls

1 Peter 1:9 – …for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls.

Peter, in his first letter to the believers all over the known world, writes that the goal of our faith is Salvation for our soul. Last night I read a book of poems to two of my grandchildren. One of them spoke about our soul container…our body. Our soul is the essence of who we are. Salvation is for our soul since it is our soul that will enter eternal heaven or eternal hell. Salvation determines which one is for us.

Rounding the corner, Connor sat focused on his Kawasaki, looking straight ahead with his defensive eyes on full alert. He was heading into a more populated area and didn’t want any surprises. He pressed the throttle just a little, and then backed off to allow his bike to slow to the speed limit. He saw children at play signs, crosswalk signs, and many others for the first time that day. Time to get some food.

Just to punctuate his course of action, his stomach grumbled. A cold beer would taste really good about now. Connor drove on, hoping to come across a restaurant or a bar before too long. He rumbled past fuel stops, schools, convenience stores, and residential homes but no restaurants. This berg’s gotta have some place a fella can get something to eat.

His stomach rumbled again…distracting…where’s that rest stop? Suddenly a car backed out of a driveway. Connor veered. Stupid woman. Didn’t even notice me. He drove on, his temper easing a tad but his stomach kept growling. How long has it been since I’ve had some food? Right. Last night.

A few blocks later, he pulled into a Micky Dee’s. I can always count on McDonald’s. He pulled into a parking spot, turned his engine off and stepped off the bike. Connor removed his helmet, and turned just in time to see a car pull up across the parking lot. It had a bumper sticker that said ‘Salvation is food for the Soul’. Harrumph. Some food.

Connor went inside. When I get old, I’ll check into that stuff. For now, I’m havin too much fun. He wiped the sense of guilt from his mind. His mother had pounded that stuff into him as a kid. He wanted no part of it now…at least not until he was ready to sell the bike.

Connor thought that time determined when a man died…went to heaven. He certainly was not thinking that any moment…any day…could be his last. Connor thought that he was too young but God is the one who determines how long a man lives. It’s up to us to be ready.

Ready means having a right relationship with God. It means knowing what God’s will is for our lives…and living it to the fullest. The beginning of that abundant life and the start of a relationship with God is Salvation. Connor wore his helmet to protect him from flying debris but he chose to leave his helmet of salvation at home…gathering dust.

Do you think you have all the time in the world to bend under God’s will for your life? Is your concept of having a right relationship with God boring? You are wrong on both counts. You do not know if the next time you hop on your bike or drive your car will be the last time. Where will you go if that happens? Salvation is just the beginning of the biggest adventure you will ever embark on…exciting and satisfying.

Father, I need You in my life. I don’t know how long You have deemed for me to live here on earth. Eternity stretches before me no matter what I believe so…Come into my life. Become Lord of my life and I will walk the adventure with You by my side from now on. Amen.

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