Hidden in My Heart

Psalm 119:11 – I have hidden Your word in my heart that I might not sin against You

God’s Word, hidden in our heart…memorized…pops up when we are tempted. It sharpens our conscience, helps us to do what is right…before we sin. It also reminds us as soon as we fall into temptation so we can clear things up with God, seek His forgiveness, and open that door of communication once again.

God’s Word, His scripture, helps us recognize right from wrong. It provides us with the power to recognize when Satan attempts to lead us astray…to cause us to doubt that God is who He says He is and that God can do what He says He can do. The Bible also tells us that we are who God says we are. Satan wants nothing better than to minimize our effectiveness in the world by masking the gifts God has given us.

Teri placed the finishing touches on the table. Her guests would begin to arrive any minute and she wanted them to know she’d planned for them, wanted them to enjoy themselves, and looked forward to their arrival. Each touch was meant to say, I’m glad you are here.

Teri’s husband didn’t understand what all the aggravation was about. “If it was just the guys coming over, I’d throw on some hot dogs, open the beer, and that’d be it. You women fuss too much.” He sauntered over toward the easy chair where Teri knew he’d spend the entire afternoon, cheering on his favorite football team.

“Whether you guys know it or not, you still prepare when they come over. You just said so yourself. You’d put on the hot dogs…so you’d have thought about what food to serve…and you open the beer…but you’d have had to go out to buy some. So you prepare too just differently than I do. And your friends enjoy the touches just as much as their wives do.” She walked toward the bedroom to finish putting herself together.

Teri had the gift of hospitality. She may not have called it that but when people came over to their house, she made them feel at ease…welcomed. Her gift was planted in her by God. She may not acknowledge that God was part of her life but His gifts were there anyhow. Teri felt a sense of accomplishment by exercising her gift. It made her feel good about herself but from time to time, the enemy would minimize, whether through her husband or through some other source, how effective she was…how needed.

God’s Word tells us that each part of the body is important and that God gifts us according to the needs in the body. Each gift is important. His Word helps us deflect those arrows of self-doubt when someone tells us that we fuss too much or that what we do is not needed. Teri wasn’t leaning on God’s Word, so many times she’d traipse off to the bedroom in tears because her husband belittled what she did.

When we have God’s Word memorized, hidden in our heart, it reminds us what He says is important so we can overlook what people…mere humans…might have us believe. The Bible tells us that when we come to faith in Jesus Christ we are princes and princesses of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We have a power source that can help us accomplish great things. We are more powerful than Satan and his minions by simply praying God’s Words.

Father, help us hide Your Word in our hearts so we might not sin against You. Help us know that we are who You say we are and not what other people say we are. Help us know that You are who You say You are and that You can do what You say You can do. Amen.

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