Lamp and Light

Psalm 119:105 – Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light for my path

God’s Word, David writes, lights his feet and the path they tread on. That’s what the Bible should do for us. It should go before us to light the way so that our path becomes the path that God would have us walk on.

In order for that to happen, we need to study it, memorize it, and make its precepts part of who we are. Nothing that we could ever learn from the Bible will harm us, lead us astray, or become a waste of time. The Bible always makes the reader a better person.

Trinni sat with her legs crossed on the dilapidated sofa. She perused the heavy book on her lap, read a little, and then thought about what she read. Blake watched as she wrote something in her journal. “You’re studying that book as if it were a textbook…from school days. It’s only an old religious book…antiquated…full of stories that aren’t even true.”

“That’s what you think. I happen to know that this is the most concise and accurate piece of history we have today. Archaeologists are always coming up with proof that these are not just stories but actual historical events. Besides, what’s it to you if I choose to study the Bible?” She looked toward her bible, smoothed her hand over the thin page that felt like silk, and then silently thanked God for writing it.

Blake scowled. He wasn’t sure why it bugged him. It just did. “You don’t seem sexy to me when you’re sitting there with that thing on your lap.  It makes me feel uncomfortable. Not like it used to be.”

Trinni lowered her long eyelashes. He’s under conviction. I just know it. “Blake, do I treat you badly since I became a believer? Do I curse you out…like I used to. Do I flirt with the guys…and do other things that used to bug you?”

“Well…no…I guess you’re easier to live with, that’s for sure. Your temper seems to have disappeared or you control it more. And the guys think you’re no fun anymore. They liked getting my goat by trying to get you away from me…although I don’t think they seriously would do that. It’s just…” He wrinkled his brow. “It’s hard to explain.”

“When I first started attending this Bible study, the girls told me about the effects my beliefs would have on you, cause that’s what happened to their men too. I love you, and God tells me that there’s a certain way I need to act to show that I love you. The way I acted before wasn’t it. I’m learning how to treat everyone better. And I’m learning that I’m important to God. That’s huge…for me anyway.” She turned her attention back toward her Bible. “Now let me finish. Then I’ll be free to go for that ride with you.”

Trinni had learned that the Bible made a huge difference in her life. She had studied ways to live and treat people, as well as ways to let her husband know that he was important to her. Life had become so much easier with God’s instruction manual at her fingertips.

The Bible can do that for you too. It has answers for so many questions. Today, people fear the future, fear commitment, or fear raising a family and all that entails. But God’s Word tells us everything we need to know to accomplish our goals and eliminate our fear…all of it. It gives us self-confidence because it’s based on God confidence, not confidence in a world that is crumbling one way or the other all over the planet.

Father, I want to trust in Your Word, not the world and all its false teaching. People strive for things, materialism is rampant and yet it’s also diminishing everywhere. Here today…gone tomorrow. Help me live for permanence and show me what’s really important. Amen.


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