Call to Pray

Has anyone heard the term Frankenstorm before? The airwaves are filled with it and long term forecasters, who believe weather is cyclical, say that this will not be the last. History has recorded it.

I have never lost all I possess. I am grateful. I can’t imagine what the people devastated by this storm are going through as they discover that possessions are fleeting. I know most of them are filled with gratitude that they are still alive as they focus on obtaining the basic necessities. I would be.

A few months ago, I lost all my Google accounts. I was at a loss, in the beginning, to even begin repairing the damage to my contacts, social media, and calendar. I rely heavily on being able to connect with people when a new book is published, or as we travel.

But now, it’s hard to imagine what I lost. Everything is back to normal except I have stronger passwords. The survivors of Sandy will one day pick up life again and not even remember many of the possessions they lost. They, maybe, will have learned a valuable lesson. That possessions are not to be their focus. God should be the one they focus on and the one they turn their lives over to. They’ve been given a call to pray.

For Christians, that call is even more urgent. James 5:16 says, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”  We, who believe in the work that Jesus performed on the cross, are the righteous of God. James, the brother of Jesus, tells us that our prayers are powerful and effective. Praying for those around us is a command and once promised, a sin to omit. We need to prayer that God will do a mighty work on the hearts of people, a revival as never before.

Disasters have a tendency to point people toward heaven. There’s a saying that there are no atheists in a foxhole.  The people of the eastern states have been in a foxhole. Their attention has been drawn, as it was after 9/11, to God. Pray that they will heed His call on their lives.  Pray, as never before, for the salvation of friends, neighbors, and family members who have begun to question their existence and who just might accept that there is someone else controlling things besides their stock portfolio or the politicians.

Frankenstorm is a call to pray. Christians, the righteous of God, need to be on their knees, seeking the face of God, humbly acknowledging that He is in control, and turning from their sinful ways (2 Chronicles 7:14). Then God will turn this country around and restoration can take place, true restoration. Will you pray, today, tomorrow, and the day after? God is listening. Don’t disappoint Him.

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