God’s Provision

God Richly Supplies All My Financial Needs

Years ago, when our children were very young, a friend’s husband obeyed God’s call to seminary. At the time, they had three young girls and she was determined to remain a stay-at-home mom. They believed that if God wanted him there, He would provide. With college loans and grants, the funds for study arrived. But during that time, there were incidences when a bag of groceries would appear on their doorstep just when they needed it. Or someone would send a check in the mail when some bills were due.

Another couple’s business went into receivership. They lost everything except their home, because the husband had listened when he was advised not to tie his house to his business. God provided for them and their three children when a business associate offered him a job and advanced him a month’s salary. He provided through gifts from anonymous friends at a time of need.

In the Bible, in Philippians 4:19, Paul tells us, “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Jesus Christ.” He knew this to be true because he was the recipient of many gifts thatGod provided through the churches he, Paul, started and encouraged. Paul was a tent-maker so while he did have a trade, he was also on the go so much that working his trade had to be difficult.

God does not want us to just sit back and wait on His provision.  He works through friends, through employment opportunities, through local social services, and through any number of sources. Seeking His provision can humble us, we who are so independent, in a way that nothing else can. We learn to receive when all we want to do is give. And we’ve probably done that many times when others were in need.

Someone told me once, that to deny someone the opportunity to give to us at a time when we’re in need, is to deny them an opportunity to minister. God uses people so we need to be open to His provision through the very people whom we befriended over the years. Maybe these are people who we shared our abundance with at one time or other.  We need to let them reciprocate … to minister to us.

Learn to be a receiver, as well as a giver. Look around and pray about whom you can minister to by providing some of the basics they are missing right now.  Accept the gift of food, clothing, or finances from people who will be blessed by ministering to you. Accept that God cares about the details of your life, including food and shelter.

There will be many over the next months, living in the aftermath of Sandy who need your help. You can be a giver,  if you’ve been blessed enough to live far away from that catastrophe or if you have more in your pantry than you truly need. If you are in need of help, accept the provisions God’s people drop on your doorstep and fall down on your knees to thank Him, who loves you immeasurably. Give and take … that’s what makes life worth living.

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