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Preparation For Prayer

This morning, I groggily rolled out of bed much earlier than I wanted to, my mind in a whirl about the writing projects on my plate. I tried reading a little but the lack of sleep only made me want to close my eyes again. I shuffled about, getting dressed, making my bed, and brewing my first cup of coffee for the day. Hoping. And then I remembered.

Why does God take a back seat to all the other junk that filters into our brain? I have been a Christian long enough to know that, if I place Him first, my day will run more smoothly. My mind will focus better, and I will feel energized. But more often than not, He is the one who comes after I’ve tried everything else.

The psalmist, in Psalm 103:2-3, tells us, “Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits — who forgives all our sins and heals all our diseases.” And he right. We shouldn’t forget where our benefits come from and who our healer is, even if He uses the doctors to do so. God places us right up there beside His Son, Jesus Christ when He calls us one of His children. Our morning should begin with our thoughts focused on Him.

Trust and Obedience are part of the issue. Who do I place my trust in? Most of the time, it’s me. How stupid is that? I am a finite, sinful human being who makes mistakes all the time and yet … I trust in my own understanding, or action. Instead of or, at least, before I turn to the God of the Universe who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all those other characteristics that tell us about who He is.

His Word tells us to meditate on His instructions, His operation manual – The Bible – for our lives. But I disobey every time I plan my day without asking His opinion of what I should be doing. I disobey when I ignore His presence, His input, and His gifts for me … the ones I accept freely without consideration of the one who bestows them. That’s like only worse – than accepting a gift from my husband and never acknowledging that he gave me anything … taking him for granted. How many gifts would I receive from him if I had that attitude?

Begin right now. Look to your heavenly Father. Lay the plans made by you for your day before His feet. Thank God for the benefits and healing you’ve received from Him. Acknowledge who knows Best. A few – maybe a great many – years ago there was a TV show named Father Knows Best. In this case it’s true and we need to set aside our busy-ness, just for a short while, and order our day with Him in mind.

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