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I Prosper in All MY Relationships

Relationships are important if you want to be a praying person. God uses you to intervene for those whom you’ve developed a friendship with or for those who are in your neighborhood. You can’t know that someone needs your prayers if you have not made yourself available to that person. Relationships are important but your character is also important. People will be attracted to someone of integrity, rather than someone of questionable character.

Years ago, when I first began living on my own, my first room-mate was not a person of integrity. Even though we both worked for a popular bank, at night she was a hooker. I only found out about her after moving into her apartment. It didn’t take me long to find another place to live. But even then, most of my friends were people who looked out for themselves and cared little for the needs of others.

A few years later, after I was introduced to the Lord, I discovered that there were a whole other group of people. Not all, but many whom I met after becoming a Christian, not only cared about others, but went out of their way to help anywhere they could. In Luke 2:52, Dr. Luke says, “And Jesus grew in stature and wisdom and in favor with God and man.” As a believer, I began to grow in the same way, surrounded by Godly people. Through the Words I studied in the scriptures, I began to see the difference between those who walked closely with God and those who didn’t.

I also discovered the difference between true friends, and those sunny day friends. People of integrity care about you, no matter what, and will come alongside to support you in everything you do and for whomever the Lord has called you to minister. The ‘friends’, and use the term loosely, I had before were only there to have a good time so as long as you were the life of the party, they were your friend. If you had a grievance – like your father dying – they didn’t want to hear about it.

To be a praying person, we need to develop relationship with the people God places around us. We need to be a person of integrity so they will know they can trust us with their lives, their hurts, and their successes. Jesus is our example and others saw in Him, a person they could trust because he “grew in stature and wisdom and in favor with God.”

Are you a person who can be trusted, a person of integrity? Do you seek to build relationships with those around you? Open your heart and your life to others. Become a prayer lifeline for the people in your life, today, and for always.

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