Walk a Mile in His shoes


I say that you are a good God and I eagerly anticipate your goodness today.

Have you ever thought about the type of person whose example taught you the most? Maybe you were working your first job or studying at University. You watched the people around you because you wanted to learn the right way of doing things. Sometimes that person led you down the wrong path and you made the same mistakes they made. At other times, you were more discerning and you chose whom to follow with more care. They helped you to grow in your field of expertise, instilling within you habits that have taken you toward success.

Jesus was that kind of example for His disciples. Most of what he wanted to teach them, to help them succeed after He left this earth, He modeled. He modeled kindness and love, non-judgment, and forgiveness. He also modeled prayer. Jesus took the time to regularly seek His Father’s council. He was renewed and refreshed by the time He spent in HIs father’s presence and He wanted His disciples to know that prayer was important.

In Mark 6:46, the Bible records one of these times. “After leaving them, He went up on a mountainside to pray.” Jesus had just preached for several hours, teaching crowds of more than five thousand about living the way God wanted them to. He’d fed them all but afterwards; he went off by Himself to spend time with God. His disciples watched and learned.

The question comes to mind that if Jesus felt it was necessary to spend regular time with God, what makes us think we can skip even one day. We get up in the morning, and without a single thought for God, we begin to slog through our day, stumbling over the obstacles that are placed in front of us. Only when we hit a brick wall, and then only after we’ve tried everything by ourselves to scale it, do we turn to God … a complete afterthought.

Jesus, God’s own Son, knew He needed God’s council to get from one side of the water to the other that day. And He prayed long into the night, approaching the disciples in their boat after the fourth watch. Jesus set an example for His disciples and for us.

Make it a regular habit, beginning before you place your feet on the floor in the morning, to ask the Lord to direct your path, to guide your thoughts and help you be sensitive to His leading for the day ahead. Give Him first place in your thought life, asking His direction often. Jesus sets the example we are to follow. Walk in His footsteps and see where they lead.

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