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May 1, 2014

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 Sex Trafficking Subject of Latest Book – Essence of Evil

Lack of community and an unhealthy moral climate has resulted in the growing sex traffic trade as witnessed by ads posted during the last Superbowl Game. This is the premise for the latest series, Finders Keepers Mysteries, and the current release – Essence of Evil – Book Two of the series. Fans and mystery buffs will be intrigued and entertained when this Christian inspired fiction hits the marketplace.

Essence of Evil, a work of fiction, partners readers with Christine Smith (formerly Melissa Rompart), a young investigator who works with a search and rescue dog to find missing children. Christine is taken out of her comfort zone into the world of pedophilia where she begins to question her chosen profession and her belief system as she works hard to bring closure to parents. Overshadowing her life is the search to find her parents’ killer who knows she is the only witness. She, as Melissa Rompart, was only five years old at the time.

Along comes Jeremy Goodman, born again believer and investigator who rocks Christine’s world in more ways than one, although from a distance. He also looks for missing people but is the primary investigator for his father’s law practice. The book is available all over the world where Amazon books are sold

Barbara Ann Derksen, currently resides in Steinbach Manitoba. She began her writing career in Iowa in 1996.  There, she served as a journalist for American newspapers for 8 years with over 2000 articles published in those papers as well as in some international magazines. Derksen, a Canadian by birth, honed her craft in the US but returned to her Canadian roots in 2008. She has 19 titles to her credit with another one in the works.



Coming May 2014. Book Two of  Finders Keepers Mystery Series

Coming May 2014. Book Two of
Finders Keepers Mystery Series


Latest Release

Evil pursues Christine, in this the second book of the Finders Keepers Mystery Series. Retreat is not an option but her move forward makes her vulnerable to the very evil that took her parents’ lives. Faced with yet another missing child, she embarks on a search that takes her out of her comfort zone to question her chosen career, her abilities, and her belief system as she helps stricken parents find closure.  Christine finds herself confused about her growing interest in Jeremy but she is distracted by the essence of evil that surrounds her.










With a plethora oYahoo photof writing under her belt and a variety of genre Barbara Ann Derksen receives encouragement from 4 and 5 star reviews, the eager anticipation by readers for the next book, and a new reader discovering her existence.

Born in Canada, Barbara lived in the US for 12 years. There her writing surfaced as she worked under contract as a journalist for six years with over 2500 articles published in newspapers and magazines during that time. She began attending Colorado Christian Writer’s Conferences and each year, under the tutelage of great Christian writer’s like James Scott Bell, Angela Hunt, and others, she honed her skills and then published her first book in 2003.

With 19 books to her credit, one currently inactive and awaiting revision, each one surpasses the last, according to her readers. The new series has given them something to think about as she delves into the world of sex trafficking and pedophilia. Each book has its own message and seeks to instill in the reader a sense of purpose as it is lived out in the lives of the characters.




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