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Welcome Book Clubs – online or offline. For those of you who love to read mystery, these books would make a good addition to your club’s reading list. This series, beginning with Vanished, has knocked the socks off readers all across the US and Canada and is making an impact on the Europeans, specifically in Great Britain.

Vanished brings readers face to face with kidnapping, murder, and racists as protagonists, Andrea Wilton and Brian Strait set out to find their best friends.

Presumed Dead (Book 2), takes you into the world of bikers, drugs, and undercover cops while (Book 3) Fear Not, puts readers on a cruise ship to solve a murder, and uncover black marketers.

 Silence, the fourth in the series, brings Brian and Andrea to the point of marriage, but their plans are interrupted when Andrea is kidnapped by sex traffickers.

A list of discussion questions will be included in your order.

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  • Marge Dawson says:

    Hello Barbara,
    The intro story is so true I praise the Lord for his love and hand of protection over me all the time. What you have written of the younger generation is also true and I am another generation older than you, at 78 and their attitude is really worrying.
    On Spring day at the Church in Midrand, South Africa, the Minister gave a talk about how cell phones and all the relevant gadgets, e-mails, TV etc. are taking over everyone’s lives, sadly that is leading to a generation who will not even be able to write a business letter or communicate and interact with others.
    What you have written about is part of the problem as they are so spoiled and most of them will expect handouts from the government. One day I will write my life story as it is stranger than fiction indeed and the very interesting folk I have met.
    So glad the good Lord has Blessed me with good health and a wonderful husband for 53 years, it is now 5 years since Vernon died, I miss him as we travelled a lot together.
    God Bless you Barbara and your dear husband, may you continue to inspire everyone, love, Marge.

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