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Shining Faith

Deepen your understanding of propitiation, justification, righteousness, and sanctification as you read the devotions in Chrome, Shining Faith. Listen to God’s still, small voice and walk closely to your Heavenly Father on a daily basis. (book size 4.25 x 7, perfect bound paper back, 196 pages)


Obviously, the law applies to those to whom it was given, for its purpose is to keep people from having excuses, and to show that the entire world is guilty before God. Romans 3:19 (NLT)

The rules were posted. Digger walked over to the bar and watched as one by one the members of the club scanned them, Some appeared as if they didn’t care but others had a worried frown on their face. “Ya don’t bust de rules and ya don’t get busted… in da face.” He laughed and took a swig of the beer he’d snagged from behind the counter. “I see anyone breakin any a dos rules and they get their legs broke…hear?”

Digger growled to let his fellow club members know that as president, he meant business. “And ya betta keep yur eyes peeled. Ya see anyone doing somethin’ that ain’t allowed, ya gotta let me know…see?” He swaggered back to the table against the back wall and sat. Three of his buddies, for they were family after all, sat waiting for him to deal the cards for their next poker game.

Digger began to shuffle the cards as he peered through dingy glasses toward the three other men sporting large tattoos all over their upper arms. Their grins faded and they took a look at the cards they’d been dealt. Expletives filled the air as one by one they submitted their protests. “We been a part of this club as long as you have. Why we gotta follow a bunch a rules?”

“Rules gives us no excuses. See? Rules shows us when we mess up and no one can say it was this way or that any more. We know clear.”

Digger didn’t know it but he was right. Rules clearly show us where we are wrong. The Bible’s Ten Commandments give us a list of rules to follow, rules that formed the beginning of the laws in this country. No one can, with all honestly, say they’ve never broken one of the Ten Commandments. Consequently, they are able to see their need for Jesus in their lives, the only one perfect enough to pay the price exacted by a Righteous and Just God.

Father, thank You for handing Moses the Ten Commandments so we can clearly see we are sinners. Thank You for paying the price for that sin. Thank you for allowing us entry into heaven as brothers and sisters of Christ, Your one and only Son. Amen

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