Fear Not

Fear Not 3D cover

Fear Not

(Wilton/Strait murder mystery series 3)

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Brian Strait and Andrea Wilton discover that relationship and intrigue go together when they embark on their third adventure, back to the Caribbean. A visit cut short, the two sleuths uncover a plot that challenges their faith when they search to clear a friend of murder. Their hunt for truth brings them head to head with the black market, human contraband, and culprits who will stop at nothing to line their pockets. (Book size 5.5×8.5, paper back, perfect bound, 352 pages)


I think this book is even better than the other two in the series. It has kept my interest, moved along well and has made me unsure who was involved in what. It has gone in a complete different direction than I thought in the beginning, which is good. I have really enjoyed it and I am sure others will also….LeRoy Collins, Montana


Andrea looked out the window. Large clouds, fluffy and pure white like enormous pillows, rolled across the clear dark blue sky as far as the eye could see. The clouds looked like a monstrous bed, waiting for someone to jump on it. Could angels walk on clouds? The thought rose unbidden, as if seeping through the brain matter in her head. She contemplated a Holy God and His creation. She chuckled. I think angels can do anything they want.

“What’s so funny?” Brian Strait opened one eye and peered at his traveling companion. He sighed, sleep racing away as fast as it had descended on him in the first place.

Andrea turned from her view out the window. She had a grin plastered on her face. “I just thought that there are probably angels out there, just enjoying the color, and the soft cushy clouds. I know if I was one of them, I’d be out there.” She pointed toward the window. “Everything seems so much more brilliant up here. Don’t you think?”

Brian smiled. “I’ve always liked the view from 30,000 feet. Clear skies as far as the eye can see. No space junk either.” He watched the word picture he’d just created flit across Andrea’s mind. Her brow wrinkled. He laughed. “No worries. We’ll be in Santo Domingo in a few minutes.”

Andrea scowled. “I was enjoying the view. Now all I can think about is hitting something. Thanks a lot.” She punched his shoulder and then leaned her head back to enjoy the rest of the flight. “Brian, do you think they’ve found Troy by now? I mean you talked to Father Bertrand two days ago. Maybe…”

Brian closed his eyes again but then opened them and looked into Andrea’s eyes. “Andrea, I hope they have but…with all that’s going on so close to them, it might be a while before the authorities can be called in and …I guess Troy could have returned on his own. Once he found out that Haiti is so devastated. Anyhow, whatever we find when we land, we can always have a great visit with Camilla.” He reached across the armrest and patted her hand.

“I can’t wait to see her. It feels as if it’s been years instead of only months since we were here last. I’ll bet she’s grown…”

“Ladies and gentlemen.” The disembodied voice spoke over the PA system just as the ‘fasten your seat belt’ sign came on. “We’ll be landing in Santo Domingo in 15 minutes. The temperature is 85 degrees and the winds are north northwest at 10 miles per hour. Skies are clear.”

The large plane began to descend steadily through the clouds, Andrea noticed as she looked out the window again. “Brian, what time is it? It doesn’t feel as if we’ve been in the air very long.”

“Santo Domingo is only a little over 800 miles from Key West. This is a jet so it moves pretty fast. Oh, by the way, it’s five o’clock in Santo Domingo so although we’ve only been in the air less than two hours, we also lost an hour.” Brian grabbed one side of his seat belt and fastened it to the other while he talked. Andrea did the same.

“I called Father Bertrand just before we left home to let him know when we’d be arriving. He said he’d meet us.” Andrea leaned back again and watched a small island in the azure Caribbean appear on the right side of the plane as it banked toward the landing strip at the airport. “That must be the Dominican Republic. Sure doesn’t look very big from up here.”

The blue water glistened in the sunlight as the plane leveled for the approach to the runway. Andrea could see palm trees wave their greeting in the slight breeze and knew that without that breeze, the humidity and the heat from the sun would be a little uncomfortable. But she also knew there were always island breezes. At least that’s what Camilla told her.

She smiled toward Brian and then looked out the window again. The last time they’d flown to this part of the world, they’d come to find their best friends. She looked toward Brian again. “I’d hoped when we came for a visit that we could spend all our time with Camilla. Now…”

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