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Scruffles Finds a Home

Scruffles Finds a Home is the story of a field mouse who seeks shelter from the onset of winter. She lands inside Santa’s Castle, a Storm Lake, Iowa landmark, and finds herself running from a fearsome man in a red suit. Find out what happens to the little mouse in this delightful children’s story for ages 2 through 3rd grade.

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Shih-Tzu Puppy Adventures   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Collection cover smaller

Cute and cuddly,  from birth to death, Shih-Tzu puppies attract the attention of people in all walks of life. This compilation of stories, although fiction, could depict your favorite Shih-Tzu litter. Named after real people, Alexis, Pearl, Oakley, Rosalie, Lily, and Navy Shih-Tzu (Sheet  Zoo) are born in a warm cozy kitchen but find themselves orphaned the next day. Why doesn’t God answer our prayers and other questions are addressed in this series for children aged 2 on up. With lots of pictures, the Shih-Tzus have a world of adventures as they learn to trust people and discover the world around them before finding their own homes.

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Squirrels Are People, Too 

Eden and Jericho squirrel have a thrill seeking adventure when they find some bird seed and Eden gets caught unawares by the humans. When their cousin Bradon comes for a visit they show him

front cover design copywhat their part of the world has to offer. Hiding from the humans who inhabit their collecting ground, they discover a black plastic platform in the yard of two children who pray for safety to God, the Father and Creator. Do humans know God? Discover the answer when you read this heart warming story for children up to third grade reading level.

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