Music CDs by HC –  Henry Derksen.


Each of these tracks, except one, are original songs by HC Derksen. They deal with topics such as a person’s Christian walk, giving encouragement and guidance. HC takes an up front, in your face approach with much of the album while, at the same time, keeping it lighthearted.

Miracles CD – Purchase Price $15.00




With two CDs completed, HC Derksen, a singer/songwriter with a gospel flavor, inspires his audience to rethink the paths they’ve taken and the choices they make in his new album Choices. His toe-tapping rhythms encourage people to clap their hands to accompany the message. His audience will also enjoy several selections from his first CD Miracles, original songs about God working in the lives of his people. Both albums can be heard on or at

Choices CD – Purchase Price $15.00



Simply For You, the latest CD from HC Derksen contains beautifully meaningful songs such as If My People (2 Chron 7:14), I WinWhat’s The PointI Don’t Need To Know, and others. These songs worship our Lord with a touch of exhortation. The final track – They Served – honors veterans and the freedoms they fought for. Each song can be heard at

Simply for You CD – Purchase Price $15.00


In Friends & Denim HC Derksen honors some of his freinds who’ve written great music. Nick Blackwood, Tony Elenburg, are two of the artists featured on this CD. Nick’s biker music, Two Wheels to Ride, If We Don’t Go, and Preacher of the Gospel are especially appreciated by motorcycle enthusiasts. Henry has also added three new songs that he’s written.

Friends & Denim CD  Purchase Price $15.00



Christmas Melodies  is a collection of your favorite Christmas music. The Cd includes Joseph’s Song and Mary Did You KNow as well as the best worship music for the season.

Christmas Melodies CD Purchase Price $15.00



Heritage in Music Henry’s mellow tones ring out as he sings from his heart and reflects on his musical heritage. Songs such as The Old Rugged Cross, He Walks With Me, and many others take his listeners  back to their roots in this , his latest CD. A new favorite, Get Out of the Boat,  tells the story of Peter as he walked on water at the Lord’s command.
Heritage in Music      $15.00





Believe front Jacket copy



I Believe – A collection of revised older songs with a couple new ones

Purchase Price $15.00

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